“To thine own self be true.”

Trebuchet Players seeks actors for its upcoming production of William Shakespeare’s most enduring tragedy, _Hamlet, Prince of Denmark_.

Director: Kathy Drum
Production Manager: Courtney McManus
Dramaturg: John Hawthorne Smith
Set Design: Leighza Walker
Fight Choreographer: John Patterson

Trebuchet debuted as a theatre company in 2011 with another Shakespearean production, _Troilus and Cressida_. For this second project, the creative premise is that the text’s delivery comes via a Vaudevillian troupe in 1879. Shakespeare’s characters are assumed by Victorian-era entertainers as a sort of penance for having failed to exhibit self-knowledge and self-fidelity. Having been untrue to themselves, it is their fate to perform the narrative of Hamlet in perpetuity. The aesthetic style for executing this vision will be “Steampunk Circus” and will seek to use the history of America’s Gilded Age as a way to demonstrate the relationships between external beauty and internal sickness (something “proverbially rotten”), image and substance, ideal and real.

Multiple actors will also have some musical responsibilities, especially those who act as the Players arriving at the royal palace.

The following roles are precast:

Hamlet, prince of Denmark

Auditionees are welcome to read for any of the available parts, including those of the opposite gender.

Anyone interested in auditioning is welcome to review the script. Contact Tyrrell Woolbert (tyrrell@trebuchetplayers.org) to obtain a copy. Auditions will consist of “warm readings.” Monologues aren’t necessary, but if you have prepared one from _Hamlet_, we’ll be happy to hear. Please make sure to bring a resume and a recent headshot.

Rehearsals begin on September 23.

Performance Dates:
Fri., Nov. 29
Sat., Nov. 30
Fri., Dec. 6
Sat., Dec. 7
Sun., Dec. 8
Th., Dec. 12
Fri., Dec. 13
Sat., Dec. 14

Production Staff and actors will receive some monetary compensation for their time and effort. The amount of that compensation will probably be just a “THANK YOU WE LOVE YOU” gesture, quite likely a pittance, and depends entirely on ticket sales. But still!

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